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    Please note: not all community events are shown in this calendar. To stay in touch with our community, feel free to join our Discord server. There, you can get the latest updates from the #news channel (under "INFORMATION" at the top of our server).

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Rust Donor Perks Include:

  • /SIL (Sign Artist), /SKIN (SkinBox) and Queue Skip
  • High-Priority Support (in-game and in Discord)
  • PERMANENT Kits, that include...
  • Resources (for Building and Crafting)
  • Weapons (for Dome-ing the shit out of n00bs)
  • Rockets and Explosives (on Heavily Modded)
  • Clothing and Armor
  • And More!

ALL Donor Packages give you LIFETIME perks on ALL game servers!

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    The best way to get into contact with a Staff member, Administrator or Owner is to join our Discord server. There, you can leave a message in the #support channel (under "SUPPORT & SUGGESTIONS").