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About Us

About the TERRA Gaming Network.

    Created in 2015, the TERRA Gaming Network was born out of the salty depths of Rust. Started by a small group of friends who enjoyed Rust and similar games, the TERRA Gaming Network has hosted dozens of modded Rust servers over the years. Now, long after the modded-server DoS epidemic of 2015, the TERRA Gaming Network is looking to make a name for itself once again in the Rust community with the launch of Rusticus (10x), Gladius (50x) & Nova (2x).

    Besides Rust, the Admins and Owners of the TERRA Gaming Community have hosted servers for a wide range of other games in the past including ArmA & Squad (via the SquadBros & the SalamiSquad). If you are interested in learning more about the TERRA Gaming Community or you wish to talk to a community Administrator or Owner, feel free to contact us.


TGN & TERRA Rust Servers.

    Since running an extremely popular server with 100s of players, the new leadership of the TERRA Gaming Network has taken a break from the apocalyptic wastelands of Rust. With epic memories of insane battles fought over weeks, the TERRA staff has decided to take another whack at the crazy world of death and destruction found in Rust. The TERRA Rust servers will feature gameplay that has been missed since the days of TERRA's previous Rust community. We are excited to see entire platoons of players facing off in battles of supremacy that only movies can depict. For more info about our endeavor, feel free to contact us.

Our Servers: TERRA Rusticus (10x), TERRA Gladius (50x), TERRA Nova (2x).

  • Proj. Lead: BlackSalami
  • Head Admin: Yes
  • Admin: Bull
  • Staff: Maxwell

If you are interested in donating to our community, click here!

Donation perks include:

  • Special Server Permissions
  • High-Priority Support
  • Reusable Kits that include...
  • Resources
  • Guns
  • Explosives
  • Clothing
  • And More!

Contact Us

Contact info for the TERRA Gaming Network & affiliates.

TERRA Gaming Network

Contact info for the TERRA Gaming Network.

The SalamiSquad

Contact info for the SalamiSquad (including our gaming teams).

The SquadBros

Contact info for the SquadBros Squad gaming community.